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We are flexible depending on your needs and can work around most budgets. Inquire personally for more details and larger scale projects.


Call for a Quote


Call for a Quote

From pre-production, songwriting, vocal production, to final recording, we have you covered on every aspect. Come in with your ideas and leave with a finished record from top to bottom. With extensive experience and knowledge of music theory and arranging, we can bring your ideas to life.


Base Price $600/650,000 KRW

Vocal Tuning

1-5 Tracks $150/150,000 KRW

6-10 Tracks $250/250,000 KRW

11+ Tracks $350/350,000 KRW

Drum Edit $150/150,000 KRW

Using state of the art equipment, and unbeatable knowledge and experience, your mix will breathe new life after a visit here. Multiple formats are accepted; wav stems, Pro Tools sessions, Logic Sessions, etc. Inquire for bundle rates for EPs, Albums, or multiple tracks.


Studio Time Recording

$70/70,000 KRW Per Hour

Inquire for Half Day/Full Day Blockouts

Welcome to my personal studio located in Seoul, South Korea. You can bring your craziest fantasies into reality in this space. Equipped with a vast mic cabinet, multiple instruments, and a cozy environment, you will find everything you need here for your recording session.

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