Jon S Kim


Producer/Audio Engineer/Songwriter





From songwriting, arranging, track production, and even vocal production, all your production needs can be settled from top to bottom here.

World class equipment paired with extensive knowledge from Berklee College of Music leads to  vast experience in creating fully polished mixes and masters ready for any platform.

Experienced in working with various environments, ranging from studios with large format consoles, to fully digital environments, Jon is a versatile audio engineer able to handle all audio engineering needs.  

Jon S Kim is a producer, audio engineer, and composer currently based in Seoul, South Korea. After completing school at Berklee College of Music, he began his career in Seoul and now works with some of the most highly recognized names in Korea. From working in multiple large scale studios from Los Angeles to Boston, and leading production team Ilban Music as lead producer, Jon has refined his skills in all aspects of record creation. He has most recently worked with names  in Korea such as Suzy, Crush, Jay Park, Jinbo, Heize, Zion T, Was$$up, Arden Cho, and Soul Star, just to name a few. You can trust Jon to take your music to the next level, whether it's pop, R&B, jazz, electronic, or acoustic. He works primarily out of his studio in Seoul where he records, writes, and produces for artists with world class equipment and a cozy vibe that makes artists feel welcome and free to expand their creative visions.